{So why|How come|For what reason} Am I Shy? The 3 Surprising Reasons...

{Folks are} usually {looking} about why {they may be|these are|they can be|they are really|they are simply} {timid} in specific situations {or about} specific people. (Like around {men|fellas|folks}, around {a woman}, at {college|institution|university}, etc.)

{Which means} that shyness {is absolutely|is very} situational. {From the} {response|effect} you have to your environment, {and it's really} different {depending on|with regards to the} situation {and folks} in it.

Maybe {if you are} {standing up|position|ranking|located} beside your crush (a person you have {emotions|thoughts} for romantically) at {a celebration}, your mind {generally is} blank {and also you|and you also|so you|therefore you|and you simply} {have no idea} what to {speak|discuss} about.
But {if you are} having a {espresso|caffeine} with your two closest friends and {discussing} a common {enthusiasm|interest|love} you have, you {actually|virtually|practically|basically} can't shut up {about any of it}.
And in your average day, {you almost certainly} act {far more} or LESS shy as your environment changes.
{You aren't} "a {timid} person," {you merely} become shy {in a few} situations. (And yes, this {holds true} {although you may|in case you} are {timid} in {nearly all} {your daily life} situations.)

This basic but {serious|deep} insight {changes} your question from: Why am I shy?


WHY am I shy {in a few} situations {rather than} others?

{{As you can plainly see|As you can see}}, this {will be a lot} closer to {the truth} of shyness for 99% {of individuals}. And in {the others} {of the} article, I'll {make an effort to} clarify {some typically common} reasons why {you feel} shy {using} situations or with certain people.

{Listed below are} the 3 biggest reasons:

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