{So why|How come|For what reason} Am I Shy? The 3 Surprising Reasons...

{If you are} shy, it {feels as though} being {caught|stuck|captured} in a {cup|a glass|goblet|wine glass} box.

You can {listen to|notice} and see {other folks} talking to {one another}. But sometimes... sometimes... {you merely} can't open {the mouth area} and say anything {aloud} {no real matter what}. {You feel} a spectator in {nearly every} group conversation, {get together}, or other event.

Honestly, {once i|after i|while i|as i|whenever i} was extremely {timid} it felt {similar to} a physical {stop} {when compared to a} mental one. Like my brain was always {empty|bare} with {nil to say|no one thing to say}. {As well as|And also|And in many cases|And|And perhaps} if it {do|performed|have|does} think of something I couldn't get my {mouth area|oral cavity} to work properly {and also} say it.

Which {is most likely} why {for a long time} {I had been|I used to be|I got} always known as:

"The {Silent|Peaceful|Calm|Noiseless|Tranquil} One"
{Some individuals} out there {declare|state|assert|lay claim|promise} {you ought to be} {happy|very pleased|pleased} to be an introvert.

I don't think {those individuals} have ever {experienced|sensed|believed|thought|noticed} the embarrassment {of experiencing} someone ask you "{The trend is to} ever {speak|discuss}?" {before} a circle {of individuals}.

That {happened certainly to me} {several times}. Ouch.

{Reading|Experiencing} those words {experienced|sensed|believed|thought|noticed} like being {strike|struck} in the {belly|abdomen|tummy|abdominal} with a {football} bat. {I recall} one time {it just happened} and my face starting becoming all red and hot as everyone {considered} {take a look at|check out} me. And I {experienced|sensed|believed|thought|noticed} even stupider because I couldn't even say anything to {react to} that! All {I possibly could} do was keep being silent, {and appearance} down in {pity} and humiliation.

The most {annoying|irritating|aggravating} part of {everything} was: {I had formed|I had developed|I had fashioned|I put|I needed} no {idea|hint} WHY I acted so {timid} and {silent|peaceful|calm|noiseless|tranquil} sometimes. {EASILY} could {determine|number|shape|body|amount} that out, {i quickly} could stop being this way.

{Perhaps you} feel this {much too}.

So right {now i am} going {to share} WHY you are {timid}. This is {depending on|according to|based upon} my own {many years of} research and first-hand experience with shyness. {Once you know} WHY, then "how to {conquer|get over|defeat|triumph over|beat} shyness" becomes {easier}, too.

Here's {the initial thing|the {essential} thing} {you must understand}...

Shyness Is Situational
Most shy people {believe|assume that} "shyness" is {some type of} personality trait. {You might have} heard {other folks} label you "shy" before, {as though} shyness was a {long lasting|everlasting} thing like your {locks|head of hair|wild hair|scalp|mane} {color|coloring|shade} or nationality. Yet {consider it} this way:

{Are you currently|Have you been|Will you be} shy {on a regular basis}?

Even around your closest friends? {Are you currently|Have you been|Will you be} equally {timid} when {speaking with} someone {you discover|you will find|you see|you get} attractive as someone {you do not} {value}? Do {you are feeling} equally nervous {speaking with} one person {concerning} {several} people?

The answer is no (almost definitely).

For example, {have a look at|look into} {typically the most popular} searches in {Yahoo}:

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