{sequel|payment|installation} payments on your You believe the other person is higher value than you.

{In my own} popular article about {conquering} shyness around {ladies|women|young ladies|females|young girls}, I {pointed out|described|stated|talked about|brought up} something I call "Fat {Lady|Woman|Young lady|Female|Gal} Syndrome"...

attractive {lady|woman|young lady|female|gal} in {yellowish} sweaterBasically, {which means} that most {men|fellas|folks} who feel extremely {timid}, nervous and {uncertain|doubtful} what to {tell} a cute {lady|woman|young lady|female|gal}... will often {think it is} 100x {much easier to|better to} {speak|discuss} normally to {a female} they {aren't} {drawn to} because {she actually is} ugly, {excess fat|extra fat|fats|unwanted fat|excessive fat}, old, etc.

{It is because} the shy {man|person|dude} VALUES {the truly} cute {lady|woman|young lady|female|gal} more because of her looks. (Yes, {I understand} {this isn't} "politically {right|appropriate|accurate}," but it's how {human being|individual|individuals|real human} {mindset} works.)

So... {Why is} {you observe|the thing is|the truth is|the thing is that|the simple truth is} someone as valuable?

{The solution|The response} isn't as easy as {you may} {consider|believe that|imagine}. I've come {to understand} that everyone has {a concealed} {internal|interior} system of valuing people. {This is} {predicated on} the other person's {appeal|elegance}, popularity, {self-confidence|assurance|self confidence|self-assurance}, dominance, {expert|specialist|power}, etc.

{{In the event that you feel|If you feel}} like {another person} is "higher value" than you, then you will {learn to|commence to} shy, quiet, {anxious|stressed} or {uncomfortable} around them. {For instance}, if you're {a man} {this might} happen around very attractive women. {If you are} a girl, {it could} happen around {men|fellas|folks} {you prefer} or have a crush on. It's {more likely to} happen around {expert|specialist|power} figures {just like a|such as a} boss, {instructor|educator|tutor|professor}, etc.

Now {take into account the} people who {you are feeling} {little if any} shyness around. Maybe they're unattractive or {strange|odd|unusual}. Maybe they're even more {timid} or insecure than you. Maybe they're even less popular. Maybe they're {more youthful|young|youthful|more radiant} than you or very old. {They are} the {individuals who} you secretly feel are {equivalent|similar|identical} or "lower value" than you. Around them {you almost certainly} act {far more} {assured|self-confident|comfortable|self-assured|positive} and expressive, and {you do not} feel {practically} as {timid} or {uncertain|doubtful} of {what things to} say.

So {give consideration} around WHO you {take action|work|action|react|respond} more {timid} around to see who you secretly value. Your {activities} will {uncover|expose|disclose|show|show you} your unconscious {perception|idea|opinion|notion} system {for you}.

Usually {a higher} value person {can provide} you something. Maybe it's your {manager|employer|supervisor} who {can provide} you his {authorization|acceptance|endorsement|agreement} or a {increase}. Maybe it's someone {you discover|you will find|you see|you get} attractive who {may} {offer you a} relationship or {love-making|making love|gender|intimacy}. Maybe it's {a favorite} or well {linked} {one who} could {boost your} social {group} or reputation or "coolness."

{A minimal} value person can't really "give" you much, {which explains why} {you do not} feel as {timid} with them.

{The only real|The sole|Really the only|The one} 2 real {answers to} {this issue} are:

Increase how much you value yourself. (I call this {on your own|oneself} esteem.)
Or knock {other folks} {from the|off of the} pedestal. (Most shy people feel {substandard|second-rate|poor} and {presume|believe|suppose|expect} that {everybody else} has {a more} interesting, cool and {energetic|lively|effective|productive|dynamic} life than {the average indivdual} actually {will|does indeed}.)
Now {another} {reason behind} shyness...

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