Yahoo Adds Natural Language {Questions|Concerns|Inquiries} to Google Analytics

{Yahoo} Analytics is a {platinum|yellow metal|silver} mine of data, and the backbone {of several} digital marketing {procedures|techniques|operations|functions}. But with so many insights available, it can, {sometimes}, be {difficult to acquire} the points {of all} relevance.

{It has} been a {repeating|continuing} theme in research {reviews|information|studies|records|accounts} {associated with} data {use|consumption} - {this past year}, {a report} from IBM {discovered that} just 3% of marketers {classified|grouped} their ability {to do something} on insights {produced from} customer data as 'excellent', with 54% labeling it either 'poor' or 'very poor'.

Yes, social {press|mass media|multimedia|advertising|marketing} and digital {stations|programs} have given us more {usage of} data and information {than ever before}, but with the {quick|fast|speedy|swift|immediate} {speed|rate|tempo} of change in {the web} space, many {companies are} simply struggling {to maintain}, which {is particularly} true of smaller organizations {who've} no capacity {to employ} data experts for such {evaluation|research|examination}.

Google's well {alert to} this, {and they are} working to {treat it}.

{Have a look at} their latest {development|advancement|creativity|invention|technology} within {Yahoo} Analytics.

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