career job compassSome people say you shouldn't {speak about} work. I think {which|that is|gowns} ridiculous. {As you|At the time you} stop and listen to {what individuals|what folks} usually talk about, work and school are at the top of the list.

After all, people do spend several hours a day at these places. And their work or school are often related to an area they're very passionate about. {Their particular|Their very own|All their} coworkers are also some of the people they spend the most time {getting together with|reaching}.

However, be {cautioned|aware|informed}: for {some individuals|a lot of people} these {subject areas|issues} can be boring. {Old|More mature|Elderly} people may be {ill|unwell|sick and tired} of talking about their work, and other people may only be doing a boring job for {the cash|the amount of money|the bucks}, like {a college student|a pupil|a scholar} cashier or construction {employee|staff member|member of staff}.

What do you do/study? (Yes, the simplest {and many|and a lot|and the most} common way {to start out|to get started on} a conversation. )
What is your most (or least) favorite subject in {college|institution|university}?
How do you get along with {the folks|the individuals|those} you work with? (People love talking about their {romantic relationship|marriage|romance} and frustrations with other people. Yes, it's {chat|chit chat}, but you also learn a lot {about how precisely} {the individual|anyone|anybody} works this way. )
Do you love working there or are you doing it your money can buy? (This can be a playful question on a date, a bad idea at a networking event. )
What is your dream job? Another way to ask this: If money {did not|failed to|don't} matter, what would you do with {your time and energy|your time and efforts}?
{Travelling|Travel around|Travel and leisure}
travel globeMany {of the very most|of the very|of the extremely} memorable {activities|experience} in people's lives came from traveling. {When you are|If you are} in an unfamiliar place, {in the center of|in the midst of|during} a new and strange culture... that's {going to|likely to|about to} make {a huge|a major} impact on you.

And even if someone hasn't traveled a lot yet, they usually have dreams of {touring|journeying|vacationing} in the future. {Possibly|Both} on vacations or later in retirement.

What countries have you traveled to? (If the two of you have visited the same country, {you could be|you may well be} able to {speak about} those distributed {activities|experience} {all day|all night}. )
What was your biggest experience of "culture shock" {around the globe|throughout the world}?
Where in the world would you {want to|wish to} live most? Why?
{How exactly does|How can} your home country compare to here? (If they were born/raised in a different country. )
What's the worst thing that's {occurred|took place} to you while {touring|journeying|vacationing}? (Be careful with this one, although you will get some interesting {reactions|replies|answers}. I've heard people getting robbed by taxi {motorists|individuals}, getting scammed for a few bucks, etc. )
Have you ever {journeyed|visited|moved} by yourself? (Or {ask|you can inquire from} would they? )
{Do you really|Will you} speak any other {dialects|different languages|'languages'}?

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