travel globeMany {of the very most} memorable {activities|experience} in people's lives {originated from} traveling. {If you are} in an {new} place, {in the center of} {a fresh} and {unusual|odd|peculiar|weird|bizarre} culture... that's gonna make {a huge|a major} {effect on} you.

{As well as|And also|And in many cases|And|And perhaps} if someone hasn't {journeyed} a {great deal|whole lot} yet, {they often} have dreams of {touring|journeying|vacationing|going|visiting} {in the foreseeable future}. Either on {holidays|getaways|vacation trips|trips} or later in {pension|old age|retirement living|retirement life}.

What countries {perhaps you have} {journeyed} to? ({{In the event that you|If you}} two have {frequented|went to|stopped at|been to|seen} the same country, {you could be|you may well be} able to {speak about} those shared {activities|experience} {all night}.)
{That which was} your biggest {connection with} "culture {surprise|impact|distress|great shock}" {internationally}?
Where {on the planet|on earth|on the globe} would you {want to|wish to} live most? Why?
{So how exactly does|How exactly does|How can} your home country compare to here? ({If indeed they} were {given birth to|created|delivered|blessed}/raised in {another country}.)
What's the {most severe|most detrimental} thing that's {occurred|took place} to you {whilst travelling}? ({Be cautious} with {that one}, although {you'll get} some interesting {reactions|replies}. I've {noticed|observed|read|been told|listened to} people getting robbed by {taxi cab} {motorists|individuals}, getting scammed {for some|for a couple|for a couple of} {dollars|money|cash}, etc.)
Have you {ever before} traveled {on your own}? (Or you can ask would they?)
{Would you|Can you|Do you really|Does one|Will you} speak {some other|every other|any|another|other} languages?

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