{Steps to make|Making|Learning to make} a Facebook Cover Online video That Wows Visitors to Your company Page

With social media giving everyone a voice, employee {advocation|proposal|care} - and expanding your marketing reach throughout your employees' social networks - has become {a lot more|a far more|a considerably more} significant consideration. LinkedIn is one of various platforms {which may have|that contain} sought to tap into this trend, via their employee advocacy program 'Elevate', which aims to help encourage employee engagement on social in a manner that helps boost your wider brand efforts.
{Relating|Regarding|Matching} to LinkedIn, on average, employees have around 10x more connections on {interpersonal|sociable|cultural} than companies do, and through tools like {Raise|Increase|Lift}, businesses can use this as a means to expand their reach.

{Yet|Nevertheless|Although} employee advocacy is not prescriptive - you {cannot|aren't|won't be able to} just send out a generic post template and ask, or even pressure, your employees to {speak|discuss} about it. We've seen various 'experts' suggest {advocation|proposal|care} programs along these lines, where social sharing is made a duty, but that's not how effective advocacy works.

In order to encourage employee {advocation|proposal|care}, brands need to {teach|instruct|inform} their staff on the benefits - not {just for|simply for} the company, but for the individual employees as well. In addition to this, brands need to provide content that their employees genuinely wish to share - which is where LinkedIn's latest research report comes in.

Following analyzing the data {posted|published} through their Elevate {system|program}, LinkedIn's {supplied with|furnished with} a range of insights {throughout the|surrounding the|about the} types of content employees are more likely to {discuss|reveal|talk about}, which can help guide employers seeking to {increase|broaden|grow} their messaging.

Here's what they found.

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