{six|6th}. Allow Yourself To {Become|End up being|Get} Imperfect

A high level00 guy that feels too scared of rejection to start a few conversations with {adorable|sweet|pretty} girls walking {across the street|across the road}, in a bar or {where ever|anywhere|exactly where}, then here's {a fascinating|an unique|an appealing} exercise I recommend:

Instead of {looking to|aiming to|planning to} "do well"... see how badly you can mess up. Observe how socially awkward of a situation you can get into. Give yourself the challenge to embarrass yourself as spectacularly {as is possible|as it can be|as is feasible}.

{I have|We have|We've} done this exercise {personally|me personally|me} {many} times, {and thus|therefore|so} have many of my students. You {really know what} happens? {Once|When ever|The moment} someone no longer seems the pressure to "perform well" and is given permission to be {uncomfortable|cumbersome|difficult} and embarrassed and then laugh {about this|regarding it}... they actually do much better.

{I have|We have|We've} seen guys who used to be frozen {in position|set up} at even the thought of {speaking with|conversing with|discussing with} {an adorable|a sweet|a pretty} girl, now walk over to her easily. {Men|Fellas|Folks} who could only say "Hi" to {a lady|a female} in a shy and shy way now approach them with more boldness and confidence. Because they're {alright|ok|fine} with looking bad. {They will|That they} don't have to be so careful anymore.

Funny how that actually works, huh?

If you follow these 6 steps, {you'll be|you're going to be|you'll certainly be} well on your way to becoming a LOT less socially {uncomfortable|cumbersome|difficult}. It's not an {over night|right away|in a single day} transformation, but trust {me personally|myself}... it's worth it. {You can|You can use|You can actually} keep conversations going better, you'll feel less {frightened|worried|terrified} before going into big {categories of|sets of} people, and best of all you'll feel free to be YOU if you talk with people.

Leading to more connections. More friendships. {Even more|Additional|Extra} {self confidence|self-confidence}.

You're not {only|by itself|exclusively} in this.

I know you can do it.

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