Future Plans

Future Plans
man {considering} his futurePeople love {discussing} what they {want} forward to. {The task} here is {never to} sound like {employment} interviewer with {something similar to} "Where {would you|can you|do you really|does one|will you} see yourself in 5 years?"

{What exactly are} you {carrying this out|achieving this|accomplishing this|repeating this|carrying out this} weekend? ({Quite typical} conversation topic. {That is} {a good way} {to start out|to get started on} a {discussion|dialogue|chat|talk|dialog} with someone {you know}.)
What local {occasions|situations|incidents|occurrences|happenings} {searching} {ahead|forwards|frontward|onward} to? ({This may be} a festival, {vacation|getaway|holiday break|trip}, concert, protest, or anything.)
Would {you'd like to} reside in {the location|metropolis} or {on the|over a} farm?
What's {your primary} goal right now? {What exactly are} you trying {to perform}?

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