{food preparation} dishThis is a light and fun {subject|matter|theme|issue|subject matter}. Everybody eats, {& most} people enjoy {discussing} their personal {flavor|preference|style|tastes|flavour} in food. If this is your first {discussion|dialogue|chat|talk|dialog} with someone, then don't {make an effort to} figure out {this is} of life. {Uncover what} {kind of} food {you should attempt}!

Talk about {a recently available} restaurant you or they {visited}. How was it {unique of} others, why was it good, why was it bad?
{Which kind of} cooking do {they are doing|they actually|they certainly} at home? Do they dislike it or {think it is} relaxing?
Do {they often} {prepare|make|prepare food} food from {a particular} culture? ({For instance}, maybe their parents are from Vietnam {and that is} 90% of {the meals} they eat.)
Do they follow any specific diet? Like vegan or paleo for example. {This may} tell you {A WHOLE LOT} about their personal {ideals|beliefs|principles|prices|worth}. (Don't ask this to a {excess fat|extra fat|fats|unwanted fat|excessive fat} person, {they'll} probably get offended {if they're} {delicate|very sensitive|hypersensitive} about their weight.)

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