eCommerce Revolutionized Shopping {and it's really} Going to {REPEAT} with Virtual {Fact|Actuality|Truth|Simple fact|Certainty} [Infographic]

Virtual {the truth is} already a multi-million-dollar market, and by 2020, it's slated to {increase|broaden|grow|develop|extend} to around $38 billion. The technology has come {quite a distance} - created and {normally|in any other case|usually|often} tossed {apart|besides|away} in the 1980s and 90s, VR has seen a resurgence in the smartphone {period|time|age} with consumers {attracted to} {the capability to} play interactive {video games|game titles} and {almost|nearly} travel {the entire world|the planet|the globe|the earth}. However, now, they're {beginning to|needs to} realize that {digital|online|electronic|exclusive} {fact|actuality|truth|simple fact|certainty} can have real-life applications, too. eCommerce is {the largest} and best example {up to now|currently|thus far|as of yet|at this point}.

Online shopping has revolutionized {the buyer} experience. {So long as} {need to get} in {your vehicle}, drive to the store, {listen to|notice} a {sales page} or {search through} {hemorrhoids} of clothing to get {what you would like}. With a few simple clicks, you can shop {and also have} a product {shipped|provided|sent|supplied} {to} your door. But while eCommerce essentially {switched|flipped|converted|changed|transformed} {offline} on its {mind|brain}, it still hasn't totally {resolved|fixed} a key {element|part|aspect} that a {quantity of|amount of|variety of|volume of|range of} consumers still desire, and can {solve|handle|deal with|take care of|fix} in physical stores - to {have the ability to} visualize {something} {to them|in it|with them|about them} or {observe how} it {appears} in {request}.

That's where {digital|online|electronic|exclusive} reality {will come in}. Today, eCommerce {merchants|suppliers|stores|sellers|vendors} are jumping {up to speed} to bring their products {directly into} the consumer's hands with VR technology. {It is the} best of both worlds - shopping in the {{{comfortable surroundings of your own home|comfort of your own home}}|comfortable surroundings of your own home} with the added value {to getting} to {start to see the} size and {condition} of {something} in 'real life.'

Imagine trying {on the|over a} shirt and {a set of} shoes at home, or {looking into} the dashboard of {a whole new} car, even taking it for a {try} on the {open up|available|wide open} {street|highway}. Companies like Converse, Audi and even Ikea are leveraging this technology to bring their products into consumers' homes {to allow them to} try them out. {It is the} ultimate new marketing tool to {charm} to consumers {since it} satisfies both their {dependence on} convenience and {desiring} the familiarity of {a genuine} shopping experience.

While this technology {continues to be} in {the first} stages, consumers {seem to be} to be {up to speed}. 66% of {individuals are} {enthusiastic about|considering} using VR {to produce a} purchase, and another 22% surveyed by Walker Sands said they'd be {less inclined to} {go to a|search for a} brick-and-mortar store if VR was {launched|released|presented|unveiled|created}.

{As well as the|Plus the|Along with the} technology has major implications beyond {the buyer}. For example, {consider} {about how precisely} many fewer {earnings|results|comes back|profits|dividends} an eCommerce clothing store {may have} {if indeed they} offered VR. Or consider {the sort of} brand {devotion|commitment} that VR technology can create by guiding {the buyer} to the best product without pushy {sales representatives} or other {irritating|frustrating|bothersome|troublesome} {areas of} a brick-and-mortar shop.

So will vCommerce {get rid of the} {dependence on} brick-and-mortar stores {altogether}? Well, {most likely not}. However, {it can} create {a significant} {chance for|chance of} companies and brands who {take up|choose} the technology. {Are you set} to {find out more on|find out about} {where in fact the} technology is {going}, how brands are leveraging it, and what consumers think?

Infographic actually {released|posted|printed|publicized|shared} by Red Stag Fulfilment.

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