Do Negative Reviews Hurt Your Click-Through Rates?

{You understand} your business needs online reviews, but {do you realize} your reviews have {a primary} {effect on} your business's click-through rates in local {serp's}?

Well, {a recently available} {research|review|analysis} by Brightlocal found {that} - review {celebrity|superstar|legend} ratings are {a huge|a major} deciding {element in} {if} consumers will choose to {select} your business over {your competition}.

We've {examined} the study's {results|conclusions|studies} below, {however before we} get started, {Let me} define {several} {conditions} to avoid any {misunderstandings|dilemma|distress|misunderstanding|bafflement}.

Click-Through Rate (CTR) - Your {click on through} rate is {the pace|the speed} {of which} people actually {select} your listing {instead of} just {looking at|observing|browsing|enjoying|taking a look at} the {list} without clicking. CTR {depends upon} dividing total clicks by total impressions.

Local {Load up} - {The neighborhood} {load up} is the {package|container|field|pack} of local results that Google {shows|exhibits} when you {seek out} local products and services. {Here is a} screen shot.

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