{Amazon . com|Amazon online|Amazon online marketplace}, Whole Foods and the Transformation of Retail - The View from {Sociable|Public|Community}

{Amazon . com|Amazon online|Amazon online marketplace}, Whole Foods and the Transformation of Retail - The View from {Sociable|Public|Community}
When major business {information|reports|media} breaks, it {will} go {crazy|outrageous|untamed|outdoors} on social {press|mass media|multimedia|advertising|marketing} with speculation, jokes, (in)expert commentary {plus much more}. Amazon's acquisition of {Entire|Complete} Foods was no {exclusion|exemption} and we {made a decision to} analyze the {hype|excitement} using social {hearing} see what {we're able to} learn.

Retail {is certainly going} through {a fairly} substantial {change} - {a topic} we cover in {greater detail} {inside our} latest retail {statement|record|survey|article} -  and the question {is now}: "Will {Amazon . com} {simply take} over everything?"

How the {Information|Reports|Media} {Pass on|Get spread around} on Social

On June 16th, {information|reports|media} broke {of the|of your|associated with an|of|of any} acquisition that {experienced|got|acquired|possessed} {the|the actual} to reshape the retail industry. {Amazon . com} was buying Whole Foods for $13.7 billion, and {interpersonal|sociable|cultural|public|communal} media {visited} into meltdown with {views|thoughts|viewpoints|ideas} and jokes aplenty.

Here {a few|one or two|a couple of|several|some}, that {I believe} {provide a} nice {taste|flavour} of {the sort of} snap discussions {which were} taking place.
{Overall|General|Total}, there were around a quarter {of a|of the|of any} million {mentions|brings up|describes} of {the deal|the offer} across online and social media on the day of the announcement, with discussion peaking {occasions} after the first report:
{Although the|Even though|Even though the} drop in conversation {looks|appears|seems} pretty significant, this {is mostly|is mainly|is usually} because the peak was so high - {news|information|reports} media, in particular, are still pumping out articles on {different aspects|different factors|different facets} of the acquisition {at a rate|for a price} of around a thousand {per day|each day|daily} across the English-speaking world.

{When the|Once the|If the} news hit, it {spread|distribute|propagate} instantly and within {10 minutes|a couple of minutes|5 minutes} it had reached across the globe. The GIF below shows {exactly how|just how|precisely how} quickly this happened, with each dot representing {a new|a brand new|a fresh} post on the topic - and it all {happened|occurred|took place} within that first {10|ten|12} minutes.
Drones, Prices, {Rivals|Competition|Opponents|Challengers} - Deal {MIGHT HAVE|MAY HAVE|WOULD HAVE|CAN HAVE|MIGHT WELL HAVE} Many, Far-Reaching Outcomes

{Among the} many fascinating {areas of} this deal {is merely} {just how many} things {can happen} next. With Amazon's relentless {frame of mind} towards {development|advancement|creativity|invention|technology}, everyone's now {anticipating|planning on|wanting} drone {shipped|provided|sent|supplied} groceries, {purchased|bought} after {a short} {conversation|dialogue|debate|discourse|talk} with Alexa.

It seems {to get|to possess|to obtain|to own|to acquire} given people a {glance|view} {in to the} future . This tweet from Mashable kind of {amounts} it up:

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