5. Just Do It!

The author {of the} article {discusses} introducing {you to ultimately} random strangers {as though} it was {easy and simple} {part of} the world.

Imagine {easily} {informed|advised} you "Go buy some groceries, {clean|rinse} {your vehicle}, and -- oh, {incidentally} -- just walk up to someone {arbitrarily} {and also have} a {discussion|dialogue|chat|talk|dialog} with them."

I can {consider} your reaction.

"Wait ... you want me to do WHAT!?!!"

{Even though} all the {timid} people reading that article were still shaking their {mind|minds} in disbelief, {the writer} smugly {provides|gives|brings|contributes|offers} "{And you'll} never see them again, {usually are not} cares what they think of you?"

{Exactly like} other shyness advice that {seems|noises|appears|looks|appears to be} logical but {fails}, {thinking about} questions like "Who cares what they think?" or "What's the {most severe|most detrimental} that {can occur}?" {will|does indeed} NOTHING {to make} {you are feeling} less shy, {anxious|stressed} or {stressed|restless|troubled} in {interpersonal|sociable|cultural|public|communal} situations.

{HOW COME} This Shyness Advice {SO VERY BAD}?
That seriously {goes by|moves} for shyness advice -- {in a few} OF {THE BIGGEST} WEBSITES {ON THE PLANET|ON EARTH|ON THE GLOBE}.

{Are you currently|Have you been|Will you be} kidding me?

Is {other people} outraged?

I'll {let you know} why I'm mad.

I'm mad because this {awful|horrible|bad|dreadful|horrendous} advice is written {Never to} help people, but {to operate a vehicle} pageviews {on the} websites. If these {authors|freelance writers} helps {actually|virtually|practically|basically} zero people, {no matter} -- they still {receives a commission}.
I'm mad because the shyness advice we get is unspecific at best, and blatantly {incorrect} at worst.
I'm mad because I {recognized|noticed|understood|came to the realization|became aware} 90%+ of the {literature|catalogs} and articles I read {experienced|got|acquired|possessed} never {examined|analyzed} their {ideas} with real people.
{Just what exactly} happens?

{The majority of us} simply {acknowledge|recognize|agree to|allow|admit} our position in life and {quit} {to attain the} friends, {self-confidence|assurance|self confidence|self-assurance} or romance {that could} truly make us happy. We {don't understand} that {what we should|whatever we|that which we|everything we|that which you} {actually need} is science-based advice for {conquering} shyness that was {examined|analyzed} {to be sure|to make certain} it works IN {TRUE TO LIFE}.

I'm {centered on} results. Like how one of my students {received|acquired} a {sweetheart|partner|girl|lover} within weeks of starting my Shyness and {Sociable|Public|Community|Friendly} {Stress|Panic|Anxiousness|Stress and anxiety|Nervousness} System 2 ... even before he {completed|done} listening to {the complete} program.

So, {disregard the} {awful|horrible|bad|dreadful|horrendous} advice out there {compiled by} random article {authors|freelance writers}. There is {wish|desire|trust|anticipation|expectation}. {There's a} {Organized} way of {conquering} your shyness, clear steps {to check out} for having interesting {discussions|interactions}, and {a way} for staying {assured|self-confident|comfortable|self-assured|positive} even around people {you discover|you will find|you see|you get} intimidating or attractive. I've done it, I've helped MANY people {get it done|undertake it|take action}, and {I wish to} {demonstrate} how.

Leave a comment with {the next}:

{What's} the most {absurd} {little bit of} shyness advice you've {have you ever heard}? Be specific please.
How has bad shyness advice {held|retained|stored|maintained|placed} you from {reaching|obtaining} your goals? {A PARTICULAR} EXAMPLE PLEASE.

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