4. Affirmations

{That is} advice {directly|right|direct} from self-help hell.

I {have no idea} who {developed|created} affirmations, but {I believe} some dude just woke up {1 day} and thought it "sounded {just like a|such as a} {good notion}."

In case {you do not} know, affirmations are {essentially|fundamentally|quite simply|in essence} positive {claims|assertions} that you {replicate|do it again|duplicate} to yourself like "I am {assured|self-confident|comfortable|self-assured|positive} and happy." {Actually|Virtually|Practically|Basically} {a huge selection of} self help {literature|catalogs} have repeatedly {suggested|advised} using {this system} for {conquering} shyness or low {self-confidence}... with no {medical|technological|clinical|methodical} proof {it|which it|that this|so it} actually works!

{Actually}, every {study} {lately|just lately} done on affirmations has {constantly} shown that {they don't really} work, and {can make} you feel {even worse|more serious}!

Here's a {quotation|estimate|offer|price} from one {of the} studies. (Pay special {focus on} the parts I've bolded.)

Canadian researcher, Dr. Joanne {Solid wood|Real wood|Timber|Hardwood|Lumber} at the {University or college|College or university|School} of Waterloo and her {co-workers|fellow workers|acquaintances} at the {University or college|College or university|School} of New Brunswick {who've} recently {released|posted|printed|publicized|shared} their research in the Journal of Psychological {Technology|Research|Knowledge}, concluded "repeating positive self-statements may {advantage|profit|gain} certain people, such as {people with} high self-esteem, but backfire for {the} people who need them the most."

The {experts|analysts|research workers} asked {people who have} low self-esteem {to state} "I am a lovable person." {Then they} measured the {individuals|members}' moods and their {emotions|thoughts} about themselves. The low-esteem group {experienced|sensed|believed|thought|noticed} worse afterwards {weighed against} others who {didn't}. However, {people who have} high self-esteem {experienced|sensed|believed|thought|noticed} better after {duplicating} the positive affirmation-but only {somewhat|marginally|just a bit|just a little}.

- Psychology Today

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