3. Ask More, {Chat|Converse|Discussion|Have a discussion|Conversation} Less

Back when {I had formed|I had developed|I had fashioned|I put|I needed} really bad shyness, {I'd} {hardly|scarcely} speak up {and folks} would always call me {silent|peaceful|calm|noiseless|tranquil}. If someone {experienced|got|acquired|possessed} told me {in the past} that {I will} "talk less," then I'd probably think {these were} crazy.

Here's {the reality}: {Timid} people need {techniques for|tricks for} how to {speak|discuss} MORE, not less.

So where {will|does indeed} this bad advice {result from}?

About 50 {years back}, {there is} an explosion in {recognition|reputation|acceptance|level of popularity|attractiveness} of {literature|catalogs} that {trained|educated} "people skills." The advice in these {literature|catalogs} is mostly {good sense}: {Be considered a} good listener, don't criticize people, {keep in mind|bear in mind} their name, {laugh|teeth|giggle|look} more often, {etc|and so forth}.

And although {these suggestions} might be {beneficial to} {some individuals}, it was never {designed to} help shy people! {This sort of} advice should {get} to the rude loudmouth everyone {discovers|locates|detects|sees|confirms} annoying. {Or possibly} to the {oily} salesperson {who would like to} {earn more income} by pretending to be polite.

{Timid} people don't need {these pointers} because they already speak up {inadequate} and {care and attention|caution|worry|service} too much about whether {someone else} likes them. {You will need} advice that {can make} you speak up more around people. {You will need} to {understand how} to be less {anxious|stressed} and {uncomfortable} around people. {You will need} to {understand how} to build {self-confidence|assurance|self confidence|self-assurance} and courage to get that {interpersonal|sociable|cultural|public|communal} life, {sweetheart|partner|girl|lover} or {partner|sweetheart} you want.

{Everything you} DON'T NEED is "people skills advice" {designed|intended|supposed|recommended} {for folks} who {don't possess} shyness.

Now here's {a different one}...

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